Bouquet Subscription

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Currently we are not open to new subscribers. We will reopen Mid April.  

Fresh cut flowers from our farm dropped off at your home or office each week! Select 4, 8, or 12 week subscriptions. 

  • We drop a paper wrapped bouquet of mixed flowers into your bucket or vase each week

  • Subscriptions available Spring: March-May and Fall: August-October

  • We cut back in summer & will only offer flowers through our Members Only Flower Market during June and July.

  • Delivery areas: Fresno & Clovis, some outlaying areas are excluded

  • Being small flower farm, a limited number of subscriptions will be available each season

What type of flowers do you grow?

Spring: Ranunculus, Anenomes, Lisianthus, Larkspur, Sweet Peas, Heirloom Narcissus, Pincushion Flower, Stock, Snapdragons, Strawflower, Poppies, Nigella, Rudbeckia, Dames Rocket, Lunaria...

Fall: Dahlias, Heirloom Mums, Lisianthus, Sunflowers, Zinnias, Celosia, Tuberose, Amaranth, Grasses & Grains, Gomphrena, Eucalyptus...

Can I order extra flowers?

Yes! Send us an email with your request and we would be happy to deliver it along with your bouquet subscription.

Can I gift a subscription?

Yes! Flower subscriptions make an excellent gift. We can send you a digital voucher for gifting.

What if I am out of town the day of delivery?

We are happy to accommodate your scheduleYou can choose to pick up from the farm another day, receive 2 bouquets the next week or add on to the end of your subscription as long as it is within the current subscription season. 

How do I care for my flowers?

  • Trim at least 1/2" off the stems before placing in water

  • Clean off all leaves that will be under water 

  • Use lukewarm water (not cold) and include the flower food packet provided

  • Replenish the water daily, some flowers are very thirsty and will drink up the water in just a day or two

  • Change out the water entirely every 3 days, trim stems again

  • Keep in a cool spot, out of direct sunlight  

  • Avoid sitting your flowers next to ripening fruit to avoid ethylene gas which causes flowers to mature quickly

  • Throughly wash your vase before use of the next bouquet