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New for our 2021 season we are excited to introduce

The Members Only Flower Market

Due to the many requests to visit our farm we

decided to create this very special market.

As your flower farmers we promise to do the following:

  • Grow the most lush & uncommonly beautiful flowers for our members

  • Work hard to grow through natural sustainable methods & care

  • Communicate often through newsletters & farm updates

  • Give our members the very best of each season

What is the Members Only Flower Market? It is an on farm Flower Market set up exclusively for our Members once a week in our Flower Studio.

Who is invited? Anyone can become a member. Buying a $100 share qualifies you as a Member.

How it works? The $100 share is spent just like a gift card at a store. You could buy one stem or spend your whole share at the market. Balances will be carried forward to the next week. Once spent, you may purchase additional share(s) for future markets. Shares are only sold in $100 increments. You will have the opportunity to make a fully custom bouquet from our bouquet bar, pick up a straight bunch of blooms or grab a prearranged seasonal bouquet. You may attend as few or as many markets as you desire. 

Why become a Member? Your membership gives you exclusive access to limited flowers, the ability to customize your bouquets and a little glimpse into the farm. As an additional bonus, we cut back on our workload in the summer and will offer our flowers ONLY through the market. No drop off subscriptions will be offered for the summer months.  

Where are we located? We are not too far from Grantland and 99 in West Fresno, exact address will be delivered to our members. Our farm is also our home and as such we are not open to the general public and like to maintain some privacy.

When will the markets take place? We will open every Tuesday from 10am till 5pm. Our season typically begins in March and ends the first week of November weather permitting. You have the entire 2021 season to use your share. You may become a member any time during the season. 

What will be offered?

  • Prearranged bouquets ($15-$50)

  • Straight bunches ($10)

  • DIY Bouquet Bar (price per stem)

  • Limited flowers reserved for our Members

Can I gift a Flower Share?

Yes! We can send you a digital voucher for gifting. 


















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